Skill Name NeedLv
NeedEP UseEffect PlayEffect Descrip
Otherwise the anchor blot Shot[Attack]15058Damage-Aim to focus on possible weaknesses that might place the target of the attack.
[Range, Stern]
16054-Loss of visionUsing a powerful shot, glow, around the eyes of the enemy is invisible, instantly.
160510Damage-In full force attack is a technique for collecting Oriental.
17059Damage-Watch out for the other side of the head and underbelly, is a sophisticated attack techniques. Hunters must wear a weapon in the series are available.
18066Increased range-Reconfigure the bullets could fly farther to make.
170510DamageSternAfter hitting close to an enemy weapons, ammunition to launch an attack.
18056Skill Delay reduced-Use bullets to better prepare, the faster the skill to use.
[Range attack]
15058Damage-Around the projectile toward the target to explode, is a technology that attacks all enemies around.

Video Gunner Skill

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Anonymous said...

emang di seal eternal destiny udah ada job hunter ia?

Anonymous said...

ngarep mode on jadinya nih,tapi gara2 banyak chiter GM sealindo jadi sibuk bikin DC yg ngecheat

Didim said...

skill utama yg wajib di isi apa aja klo gunner?
g ada detail damage per level skill'nya T_T

Anonymous said...

ya ga imbang lah senjata +9 xg mo lawan yg biasa " . . .

di lwn assasin 1 brg sama juga tepar lah . . .

ngaco video nya . . .

Anonymous said...

iy ada job baru,player yg main Rp bkal nguasain seal indo.........
swt dh...

Anonymous said...

tp gunner sayangnya pake peluru --a archer pake anak panah --a. kayak semacam dart

Anonymous said...

wkwkwkw asasinnya pake ibiz, senjata +0 mau ngapain? jelas rata. Imnya juga nutupin wanderer NPC kali wkwkww

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